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Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer, trained at The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and has more than 35 years experience. See her bio and contact info at the end of this column.

What's Up October 2017

Aries/Libra Full Moon – Harvest Moon
October 5 @ 2:40 pm

Libra New Moon
October 19 @ 3:12 pm

It's autumn, the final season of the most challenging year in recent history. Amid the shake, rattle, and roll of earth changes, political turmoil, nations threatening war, and so much more . . . seasons come and go.

Offering the ever-present reminder of ultimate surrender, autumn leaves fall quietly and discreetly to the ground. The leaves don't argue with the tree, resisting and begging to hang on forever.

When humans accept, and even enjoy, the natural cycles of life, nature becomes a beautiful and gentle teacher. The planetary trends for October signal a profound, deep, and necessary release. Those individuals that choose conscious surrender of myopic self-interest are in a unique position to offer solace and service to people caught in drastic circumstances.

All Forward!
Throughout October and November, all planets visible with the naked eye are in direct motion. From tiny Mercury, closely orbiting our Sun, to the rings of Saturn, all planets direct means focused action. It is helpful to keep this mind.

Like having the wind at your back, these are the months to keep moving, and maintain momentum. An extra push of discipline and exertion can make all the difference in getting on the other side of challenges, and wrapping up projects that may have been stagnating for months.

Numerous issues come to light during the Full Moon on October 5. With Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, themes will revolve around relationship on every level. Symbolized by the scales of justice, Libra is one of the most karmic zodiac signs. In fact, the purpose of incarnation, and earth dimension is all about relationship.

Long ago, in the distant past of original creation, eternal beings, currently known as humans, chose to turn away from their primary connection and relationship with Source. They started turning toward each other for satisfaction and love. Over time, these beings started judging and competing with each other for power and supremacy. The decline was slow, as humans moved farther and farther away from their Source.

Relationships on Every Level
In the meantime, fundamental laws of existence, cause and effect, started binding these beings, now souls, to each other to repeatedly return to the Earth dimension to make amends, and reconcile their differences. At this stage, the very heart of humanity is heavy, burdened with so much unfinished business that it takes keen focus, and determined initiative to choose forgiveness, healing, and release. Every spiritual path, no matter what religion, speaks of this process.

Another dimension to this current focus on relationship is the planet Uranus, and its transit through Aries (2010-2018). Developmentally, Uranus in Aries is helping each person get in touch with their unique contribution, as this combination supports personal autonomy and individual expression. Additionally, there has been a growing trend of extreme self-absorption, namely narcissism, over recent decades. Uranus in Aries has been giving permission, even pouring fuel on the fires of self-interest.

It can be very confusing, this apparent opposition that has been set up between self and others. In one moment, it's about unselfish service for the well being of others. The next moment, it's about getting in touch with one's needs, and self care. And, depending on culture, gender and conditioning, there can be an emphasis on one approach or the other. At the very least, this apparent teeter-totter can lead to isolation and alienation. Taken to extremes, this opposition produces the conflict of us vs. them.

Your personal astrology chart shows the dynamic balance between self and others. Most people tend to be polarized in one direction or the other. Some benefit through moving out of self-absorption, cultivating empathy, and consideration of others. Others need permission to stop being the peacemaker at any cost, and get in touch with their true and honest feelings.

There is no right or wrong, there is just balance. But, like walking a tight rope, skill and practice is required. It is fascinating and rewarding to watch people discover insight through gaining a better understanding of this ever-shifting balancing act called relationship.

Coming to a Head
Keeping these points in mind/heart, let's get back to October, a month when these themes flare up in full, 3-D technicolor. Consider all the various forms that relationship takes; intimate, family, friends, co-workers, community, nations. No matter the form, in many cases, tension has been building, and may reach a fever pitch of intensity. In many cases, the gap of communication may feel like an insurmountable chasm, and come down to, “agreeing to disagree.”

What comes to a head during the first week of October tends to carry forward to the Libra New Moon on October 19, setting the pace for the next 28-day cycle. In this case, the Sun and Moon in Libra are in opposition to Uranus and Eris. Symbolically, the renegade and revolutionary energy of the rebel runs headlong into the law. There is potential for disruption of the status quo, sudden and inexplicable reversals, and attempts to overturn law and order.

In many relationships, people will feel compelled or forced to take off their social mask, and show their true colors. In reality, this process has already been underway, but there is an intensification and culmination coming in October. Even the most stable of relationships will be tested. It is a necessary process, as the enduring foundation of connection and relationship is based on authenticity.

Now, let's consider Jupiter's influence. For the past year, Jupiter has been in the social sign of Libra. It has encouraged an atmosphere of making nice, keeping conversation on the surface, along with quick solutions and pat answers. On October 10, Jupiter leaves Libra and plunges into the deep, mysterious waters of Scorpio, where it will remain for the coming twelve months.

Scorpio is the detective, delving behind the scenes to get to the bottom of just about everything. It is an emotional, intense and complicated zodiac sign, never satisfied with mundane reality, always probing, questioning, asking the deeper questions of life. Scorpio realizes that we can't always believe what is on the surface. It is bold, frank, fearless, strategic and tenacious; never afraid to rattle the skeletons hidden in the closet.

Going Beneath the Surface
As a frank Scorpio, I say, “It's about time for society to look deeper into matters at hand, personally and collectively, mystically and spiritually. No doubt, this dive into oceanic depths will make waves, create quite a stir, and precipitate a shift into new terrain. Watch for signs of things to come as Mercury joins Jupiter on October 18, and the Sun on October 26.

To a certain extent, Jupiter has been giving the president a free ride. Taking a look at Trump's astrology chart, Jupiter was in Libra at the time of his birth. Every twelve years, Jupiter returns to the sign of one's birth, giving a boost of confidence and good fortune to the year. Once Jupiter enters Scorpio, this protective influence is no longer in place for Trump.

There is a tendency to see Jupiter's influence as all good, but Jupiter has a downside. “Too much of a good thing,” is a familiar adage that denotes Jupiter's tendency to enlarge whatever it touches. Grandiosity, superficiality, extravagance, arrogance; these character traits are associated with Jupiter. So far, Trump has depended on repetitive and superficial sound bites to address very complex problems.

I am reminded of my cousin's remark at the beginning of last year's campaign season. It was surprising that my cousin, a conservative, mid-west business owner, said she would be voting for Trump as she voiced, “he will shake things up.” Come to find out, there were/are many voters with the same attitude, and they welcome the shake up.

While this statement sparked my curiosity, it also sparked a sense of alarm. From my perspective as an astrologer, the planetary trends for the next decade appear tumultuous and destabilizing. The planet is going through a major evolutionary acceleration, waters are rising, the tide is turning, and humanity's passage to safe and calm harbors is already tenuous enough.

Since the revolutionary 1960's, numerous voices have spoken up for reform, and many people have dedicated their life work to radical improvement in the social institutions that bind us together. However, for the most part, these voices have been ignored, cast aside as the fringe element, too idealistic, not really grounded in sustainable solutions.

Time for a Shake Up
Meanwhile, many of us on the cutting edge have questioned what it would take to bring about real transformation. So, here we are, nine months into the Trump presidency, and we see he is a potent catalyst for the shake up, a shake up that has been underway for decades. It is helpful to realize the ground has been prepared, seeds planted, and the first green sprouts are readily visible.

Storms will come, the earth may shake, but a new world is being born. Having given birth, I can tell you, giving birth is messy, hard labor, uncontrollable, face to face with life and death. The contractions are coming closer now. There is no time to waste. Breath, let go, relax . . . breath even deeper now, let go even more, relax and trust.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 35 years experience. She is available for personal consultations. EMAIL: PHONE: 828-215-2101 WEBSITE: