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Transition Towns

There is an amazing movement about that I just discovered today, and it's on people creating "Transition Towns." For an excellent portal through which to explore this topic, check it out on wiki. Basically, the Transition Town movement is sometimes called the Transition Initiatives movement because it has come to include cities, colleges, islands, and all sorts of other communities in addition to towns.

"And it is no surprise why it is spreading so rapidly. Not only are these folks incredibly pleasant, upbeat, and savvy about the use of the internet, but the Transition Towns initiative offers a refreshingly creative channel for people's growing unease about the slow-motion collapse of the old structures and systems we've come to depend on. It offers an inspiring, fully adaptable and evolving positive vision of incremental change toward sustainability that any community can realistically and pragmatically implement -- one that can be launched by any group of ordinary citizens. The Transition Town (TT) approach not only faces global-impact challenges squarely, but suggests that we can "build ways of living that are more connected, more enriching and that recognize the biological limits of our planet."

This is quoted from Tom Atlee, social philosopher, cofounder of the Co-intelligence Institute and author of, The Tao of Democracy. See his website for extensive resources and informational materials related to collaboration, evolving democracy, sustainable living, etc.

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Sarah Thx for your comment

Thx for your comment on Atlee's website. I have a comment to make on his choice of the phrase "democratic renewal" (see what we are about on the site.) This implies that democracy needs periodic renewing. It also implies that democracy is worth keeping. No matter what system we aspire to on this planet, I believe that it will have its roots in the democratic ideal. It also makes sense that news souls coming on the planet will be using what is available for their growth and their opportunities will be boosted by an invigorated sense of participatory citizenship. Real community is not only tending to our own growth but growing our hearts through caring for others.