How does it serve us to believe that Reality is Oneness?

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Life is such a wonderful journey! The emerging new paradigm of Oneness holds that the Unified Field is consciousness. In other words, everything that IS—all of reality, is an expression and aspect of consciousness; all matter and the consciousness from which it arises is consciousness, in its varied and dynamic frequencies, united within wholeness that quite possibly is holographic. This absolute connectedness makes sense to me, and seems to explain many metaphysical experiences. For example, it explains how we can access wisdom or intuited solutions regarding virtually any question, from within. What are your thoughts on this?

Belief shapes reality ..... "separateness is like a prison"

Here's a little known quote by Albert Einstein - "We are part of the whole which we call the universe, but it is an optical delusion of our mind that we think we are separate. This separateness is like a prison for us. Our job is to widen the circle of compassion so we feel connected to all people and all situations" I think that our physical senses tell us we are separate because our place of connection lies beyond the 3-D reality that is so obvious to us. There are hints of something more, and of connection that my inner senses pick up - especially through a compassionate heart. Yes, I think it is holographic - just the same as a 3-D object is recorded in a 2-D data-set onto the holographic film... perhaps we are experiencing a 3-D recording of a multi-dimensional and connected "true" reality? Belief shapes reality and I choose oneness because it provides the best position for joyous living!

following up on oneness...

Hello Living Bliss and Gayatri,

I enjoyed your comments on oneness... and LB, thanks for the Albert quote.

What I find interesting about this subject is how to hold an understanding of oneness that might be useful to everyday life. For me, the old metaphor of conceiving humans as the wave in the ocean is useful because honors the individual expression of oneness and being the oneness at the same time. Most of us in our western culture are erroring on the side separateness. As Albert says, this position can be delusional. Put another way, it is a construction of reality that is limited or limiting us. To identify with separateness is conceiving ourselves as only the wave and missing out on the vastness the ocean has to offer us. Through this metaphor we can see what a conceptual error it is to only identify with our separateness. However, if we go to the other extreme and identify with oneness, we limit our individual expression of oneness in the form of the wave.

So descending out of these high level abstractions to everyday life, the important question for me becomes: In what ways is this body/mind system identified with separateness in everyday life? This question has led me to the exploration and seeing through the fabricated self system which operates under the assumption of separateness. In other words, I found it useful to connect with many of the unconscious egoic structures which cultivate and foster identification with separateness. How much our egoic structures get stimulated in everyday life and how much are we identified with them seems to be important considerations.

Another consideration that comes to mind is how easy it can be to reify oneness and turn it into a egoic structure. Our separate self pursues oneness for its own gratification which is not really the experience of oneness that I understand.

I hope this adds something to the mix here.



Oneness & Uniqueness

I think of this in a very simplistic metaphor. I am like the cell of a body. As such I have a unique and separate role in the whole. I may be a cell that is designated to help the body blink the eye. Fulfilling my role is important to the overall health and well-being of the whole body.

As myself, I have some unique and separate actions to take on behalf of the Oneness. I know what is mine because I am most joyful when I'm doing the tasks of my role. I find great joy in talking with people about certain topics. I find joy when I share about ideas I've heard from others. I find joy in evidence that I am cross-pollinating conversations, connecting people with their kindred spirits, being a catalyst. So, I think that must be my unique role.

When I'm in that joyful space, I find many synchronicities. People with information or resources I need show up, seemingly magically. My world seems to work better - as though my doing my unique role allows others to do theirs and we dance together in synergy.

From time to time, I have an experience that seems like I am deeply connected to everyone and everything around me. In those moments of Unity, I find joy that can't be conveyed in mere words.

Thanks for the Forum

Thanks for the Forum discussion. Yesterday I participated in the Oneness in a way new to me. I lay on the bank of a beloved river, listening in the sunlight to the many parts of its voice. This was a riverbank I once called my home, one I returned to after many years, in order to find comfort, to say thank you and goodbye. I went when I knew my ex partner would not be there at the farmhouse, but my private farewells were ‘interrupted’, by people who had bought the little cabin, the one I had built on the land high above the river as a last ditch effort to preserve our marriage. The Oneness I wanted didn’t include these visitors! I behaved with courtesy during our conversation, but my heart was sending them away. After they told me how much the land meant to them and their children, they left me on the bank and went up to the cabin. I listened for many hours to the healing flow of the river beside me. Though I was self-conscious now, knowing I wasn’t alone on the land, the river sang and sang its acoustical soothing to my troubled spirit. The thing that surprised me was that when it was time for me to leave, the river seemed to instruct me, a private person who likes to slip away quietly, to hike up to the meadow to the cabin first. The people serendipitously met me on their way down. We approached one another on the path and were each full of thank yous. I looked inside my heart and found no more resentment! I was paying forward all the years of my riverbliss. Passing on the bounty wasn’t an idea I had of Oneness. It was a physical experience of the joy of Oneness. The river moved me.

My belief system is

My belief system is summarized effectively in a quote from Doreen Virtue's THE LIGHTWORKERS WAY:

"All along our true Self enjoys a peaceful, parallel life within that we can join with any time we have a loving thought."

The realization that harmony and joy do not have to be created, that there is an ongoing process that we can join with, allows me the freedom to simply accept what is by first being thankful for being allowed to share in this marvelous dance called life.

Ray O. Driskill

Inner Peace

Yes, I agree - what a great quote! Inner peace and joy always is. We can choose to be aware of it anytime.

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