Lotus Lodge Inn, Community & Retreat Center

Stay Short or Long-term in our Community!

[[**In Stories on menu, read about how a crew from CBS came to Lotus Lodge to film four of us "Golden Girls" living here (we do have men and residents starting in their 20s) that aired March 2, 2011 on the CBS Early Show. Link to the 3.5 min video: http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/real-life-golden-girls-find-group-living-works-best/]]

Stay at Lotus Lodge by the night or week
Interested in staying in a healthy environment while visiting Asheville? We are a small community of about 10 adults who are progressive, spiritual and into sustainable, healthy living. You can rent a room and have full access to the kitchen, bath & dining room (as well as high-speed wireless internet) for just $60/night (two night minimum) or rent a 2-BR apartment for $99/night (three night minimum). Please call for availability: 828-581-9036.

Located in semi-rural Candler yet we are just 12-15min to heart of downtown Asheville, NC. NOTE: Individual rooms and/or apartments open up intermittently for long-term residency, so please contact us if inspired to join us!

Overview of Lotus Lodge
Founded in 2004, Lotus Lodge is one of the first Cooperative Homes in the Asheville area and one of a very few that can house more than 5 people. Thus there is a feeling of autonomy and privacy much greater than if there were just 2-3 people. Plus we have more collective energy to do projects together such as meditation, yoga, gardening, music or events. Our gathering room is large enough to hold classes up to about 25 people, and we have had several over the years - offered by residents, locals and a few notables.

On about .7 acre of land – with organic gardens and big trees (and a trout stream close by), the 2-story building is a 4400 square foot, two-story, 1915-vintage triplex. With a total of 9 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 3 dining rooms and 4 bathrooms, each person share’s their immediate space with just 1 or 2 others. We also have a library and a large group room downstairs for gatherings, as well as outdoor porch and patio areas. It’s the best of both worlds – having privacy and a community of people around who know and care about each other.

Interested in Joining Our Community?

Individual rooms and/or apartments open up intermittently, so please contact us and ask, if inspired to join us.

As a community, Lotus Lodge is a co-creative learning center and spiritual awakening sanctuary. More specifically, this is a nurturing, living-laboratory where people discover, co-create and practice what it means to live within a paradigm of Oneness; we’re committed to living joyous, on-purpose, healthy, heart-centered and empowered lives.

In practical terms, this means that residents practice communicating consciously – utilizing intuitive, higher guidance and being aware of the energy behind our words. We endeavor to take ownership of our creative power and to develop skills along those lines. A uniting belief is that what we think and speak gets manifested.

Thus, everyone at Lotus Lodge endeavors to own and transform personal “buttons” rather than play victim on a drama triangle. We understand that codependent “rescuing” is just as unhealthy and unempowering for all as is divisive gossip or victim stories. Instead, all are encouraged to know and negotiate for what they want, and to develop skills accordingly, such as the use of Compassionate Communication (aka NonViolent Communication) and ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie.

In other words, outward conflict is seen as an “obstitunity” (coined by Liz, a former long-term member) for clearing, connecting and expanding our skills and our awareness. Some of the classes taught by Gaya Erlandson, PhD, (founding member) include: Conscious Communication, Awakening the StoryMaker, ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie and more recently in Sociocracy (aka Dynamic Self Governance).

In general, creativity and positive use of one’s imagination are highly valued (consistent with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and Goddard Neville) as is consciously cocreating with Spirit. Some members consider “Co-Creative Science” as taught by Machaelle Wright of the Perelandra (Perelandra-ltd.com) to be foundational. On the other hand, everyone is free to choose what’s best for him or her.

In fact, freedom to choose is considered essential within the new paradigm. Rather than adhering to rules, roles or any external authority, it’s about living from the inside out, from one’s inner wisdom and guidance. We get to discover who we really are and what we are capable of being.

The long-term residents we prefer
We welcome people who are fun and easy to be around (i.e. flexible), who value living healthy, happy lives (organic food, meditation, perhaps yoga, living sustainably as much as possible, etc), and who also enjoy participating in activities such as gardening, meals, good conversation and possibly some business or service projects together. We especially welcome people who value living in a community environment and who feel inspired to join us. Part of our vision is to offer the opportunity to buy into the community via co-operative ownership.

**If interested in long-term rental, please email and tell us about you
Include your age, your interest & experience in community, your interests in general, your vocation and your projected time frame for being here - plus any thoughts or questions you have about Lotus Lodge. Send to cocreating at charter. Net along with your phone number. Also please call Gayatri at 828-581-9036 to alert her to look for your email (as emails can get lost) and please put “Lotus Lodge” in the subject bar. Once we review this information, we will call you (usually within 3 days).

Note: No pets (tho possible exceptions) or smoking please, and no illegal drugs. We do not have work in trade for living space and request that people call ahead to make an appointment to visit. The best way to visit, however, is to stay with us a few nights!


Directions to Lotus Lodge:

Address is: 11 Old Candler Town Road, Candler, NC 28715

From Asheville, get onto I-40 West & stay in right lane
Take the next exit (#44),
turn RIGHT at the bottom of the ramp, onto 19/23 (Smoky Mtn Pkwy). Go 3 miles.

Turn LEFT @ Shell Stn onto 151 South (Pisgah Hwy) @ a light. (Is just before Bojangles)
Go 1/2 mile down 151.

Turn RIGHT @ first LIGHT (says Queen Rd. on left)
Go about 1 block (see small yellow sign) and turn Right, then an immediate right again, going up the asphalt road where you can angle park on the right. Please park close to any existing parked cars so more can park there.

You’ll see an old barn and two white buildings with blue trim. Ours is the large building. Go into 1st of 3 doors.

Call if you need assistance!

Rev. Gaya (aka Gayatri) Erlandson, PhD
managing editor of this site,
Founder of Lotus Lodge
(828) 581-9036