Writing a Full Story or Article

There are 7 main categories of stories or articles; Personal Transformation, Earth & Nature, Family & Relationships, Housing & Intentional Living, Health & Wellness, Law & Civics, Wealth & Abundance. When writing your story or article, have in mind which of these topical areas would be relevant. You can pull up all writings within any one of the 7 categories by typing it into the search box.

Your story or article can be any length, however we prefer between 600-1200 words. We recommend you first write it in your own word processing software and save it. Please include a short bio. When ready, then submit it here. See link below.

Content Details
Your first-person stories of empowerment and transformation are especially welcome! Please use the words ‘I,’ ‘me’ and ‘my’ rather than variations of "you." Tell us the challenges and choices you made and how you triumphed—in letting go of fear and embracing love, in opening to new awareness, in trusting inner knowing for guidance, etc. Tell us the benefit or wisdom YOU gained, rather than what you think anyone else ‘should’ know.

If you have what would be considered more of an article than a personal transformational story, such as of an inspired vision, business project, how-to intentional community, health, energy or other information, we still ask that you write in a way that shares something of you. We're interested in heartfelt sharing that allows us to get to know you as a person and potential cocreator. If you have a sincere passion, vision or calling, tell us about it.

We're NOT interested, however, in articles that end up being infomercials, selling something. Yes, people may well contact you to join you in some way – we really want people with similar passions to collaborate. In your story/article, however, it's important to emphasize your personal involvement and benefit, rather than the potential benefit to others. We always favor the first-person story format!

Click here to submit a story or article Submit a Story. Here's how to fill out the form:

First, type in the title of your piece. Just below the title box see the word “story.” Click on the arrow and you’ll see the 7 categories listed above. Select all those that apply.

Then copy and paste the text of your story into the section marked “body" and you’re done! It will automatically add your photo, etc. Please include your phone number (if it isn’t already in the bio) for us to contact you for editing. Ignore the rest of the settings.

Editing your contribution
All submissions will be read by our editing staff and considered for publication. If publishing your writing is pursued, it is likely you will be engaged in a co-creative editing process, unless only minor copyediting is needed. Let us know your availability. Authors of published stories will be added to our Contributors List.

Once posted, your submission is the property of Living NEWStories, LLC, unless otherwise agreed. This doesn't necessarily preclude you from publishing it elsewhere, but allows us the right to publish edited entries in any manner, including print publication, distribution via the internet and audio/visual recording, as desired. Other arrangements can be made, just ask.

Feel free to contact us with any questions Contact us.

Thank you for participating!
Gayatri Erlandson, PhD
Asheville, NC